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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I just want to take a second to say that I am just blown away.

In the past week alone my blogs have been blowing up, and that just means the world to me.  I started to write for the sole reason to get the thoughts or ideas out of my mind and on paper--anything to clear my mind.  I never expected the phenomenal (or any) feedback that I've gotten from you all.

I'm very particular, with all things in life.  And when it comes to the blogs, it's no different.  I constantly write and critic and fix them all hours of the day, I never really feel like they're 'completed'.  So to hear that someone enjoys them for what they are--wow, what a boost of confidence!

I am determined to stay on track and keep updating these stories.  Before it didn't bother me much when I hadn't posted for a while... but now that so many of you are reading them too--I have got to step my game up!

Thank you!  I will be sure to keep up the writing, and can't wait to read ya'll comments and stories as well!


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